Misson Impossible  Fallout Cast

Movie Name: Mission Impossible Fall Out

Rating: 3.5 stars

Director: Christopher Macquarie

Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Elk Baldwin, San Harris

The first part of 'Mission Impossible' came in 1996 as Tom Cruise's crew had suddenly increased in viewers. Its signature tune was very frequent. Ether Hunt was a new and popular name for cinemas. In that movie, Ethan is implicated with the assassination of his fellow IMF agents, and government secretaries have been accused of selling an international offender Max.

Then in 2000, 'Mission Impossible 2' came in, where Ehon Hunt sends Newhardoff-Hal back to a former IMF agent to circumvent the plan to leave the deadly virus.

'Mission Impossible 3', 'Mission Impossible: Goose Protocol' and 'Mission Impossible: disease ness' came in movies, which were appreciated on the basis of their story and now the sixth movie 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' was released. is. This movie is being released in India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. How wonderful is the action of Tom Cruise's film with amazing action and its different style, let's know.

Story: The story of the film begins with a dream, where Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) finds himself in the middle. Ethan receives the news that atomic bomb weapons have been stolen, which can be used to destroy the world. Also the IMF misses out badly and Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) escapes custody, the world has to face serious consequences. Ethan Hunt takes this failure up and goes out to complete his work. Seeing these things, the CIA starts raising questions over Ethan. With this, Ethan goes on missions and chases enemies with all his friends in different countries. In this way of saving the world, he has to fight with the killers as well as his old companions, and as always, the story ends at such a turn. Surprise elements remain intact.

Why To Watch This Movie: This movie is a thriller film with thrilling action and handicap stunts. A very exciting stunt is filmed, named Long Line. These stunts were shot in New Zealand, in which Tom Cruise had to climb the helicopter flying 2,000 feet above the ground with a rope and then he had to leave the rope and jump from the 40 feet up to the payload. He has been shown tremendously in the film. Although the first part of the film runs very slow, but the second half is very good and especially 20 minutes in the end. From time to time, in the film, its signature tune is also heard which makes the story even more interesting. Tom Cruise once again seen the car, helicopter, besides the ship making tremendous and surprising exploits on the bike. Apart from this, the rest of the characters have done a great job. Along with the directive, cinematography is excellent. On weekday you have a movie that can be seen with the whole family.