Gold Movie Review

Gold Movie Review

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Moni Roy, Vineet Kumar, Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadan, Kaira Advani
Director Reema Kagti
Movie Type: Drama, Sport
Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes 

                                                                    What can be more proud than seeing your country's flag waving on an international stage in the game? This feeling becomes stronger as the incident is of the 1948 London Olympics, where India has to prove that its supremacy in the games from 1936 to 1948 was not just a matter of chance. This incident is also historic as the Indian hockey team is playing here only after a year of independence.
'Gold' shows the journey of this team full of passion, who raised its flag in front of Britain's 200 years of slavery. The story of the film starts from 1936 when the Indian hockey team won gold for the third consecutive time at the Berlin Olympics. Then this team was called the British India team and it was run by the British Raj. A Bengali junior manager of the team resolved to give gold to the independent India team. His dream was to light the Indian flag in 1948 on the British soil.

Gold Movie Review Story
Reema Kagti has presented this deep-rooted story in an entertaining manner. This film takes us to that stage of history, which is very less about that. The performance of all artists is fantastic. Akshay Kumar has played his character as a dhoti-wearing team manager, while at the same time he also easily switches on dramatic and emotional scenes. Kunal Kapoor has done a fantastic job as the coach of the first hockey player and then the hockey team. Vineet Kumar's work is also strong. The character of Amit Das is also good enough to learn lessons of life while staying in the team's vice-captain. Sunny Kaushal, as an angry player, has also done her character well.

Moni Rai has played her small role of Bengali wife effectively. 'Gold' is not just a movie made on hockey but it is a period movie that lasts the period that has been forgotten a long time ago. It also shows the painful incident of division which divided the country into two parts with great cruelty.

Production design and costume have played a key role in revitalizing that round. Cinematography and background score are great in terms of technology and quality. The hockey matches in the movie keep thrills. Knowing the end of the match, you will feel adventurous throughout the match and cheer for the Indian team. Editing of the film could have been better and the story did not need to 'climbed' and 'Nano ki bandhi'.

Gold Movie Review Conclusion
The film is very strong on the emotional end because some people work together to keep India away from their personal conflicts. After independence. This was the first game, so the Pakistani team also cheers for the Indian team playing on the ground.