Dhadk Movie Review

Dhadak Movie Review

Dhadk Movie Review

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Star Cast: Jahnavi Kapoor, Ishaan Khattar, Ashutosh Rana etc.

Director: Shashank Khaitan

Producer: Karan Johar

               For a long time, people were waiting for the Hindi remake of Hindi movie 'Saraat', 'Dhadk'. 'Sirat' won the heart of the countrymen by earning more than 100 crores and his magic was speaking in Hindustan. In such a way, the 'Saraat' remake in Hindi-speaking area was waiting for 'Dhadk'.

Dhadk Movie Littile Bit About The Director
The director of the film, Shashant Khaitan, has first slot which is quite sloppy. The 'Treatment' of love in 'Sarat', which was an innocence, is not seen anywhere in 'Dhadk'. The second one which is in this film is that the issue of class differences or caste discrimination in 'Sarat' was purely clarified in the film, apart from a dialogue in 'Dhadk', it is not clear at all that in the end both of them What is the discrepancy about? It is not clear anywhere that why is this a difference?

Dhadk Movie After Interval
In the second half too many shorts are too long! Honestly, because 'Beat' is an official remake of Sarat, then obviously both will be comparable. But, still be given a chance and this movie, different from 'Sarat', can be seen, even after being tested, First Hough seems to be quite drawn, the lack of inoscope appears in the film. At the same time, the entire atmosphere that Shashank has made is quite synthetic.

Dhadk Movie Acting
But, even if it is talked about acting, then the expectations of people from Jahnavi Kapoor have come true. It can be said about Jahnavi Kapoor that Bollywood has got another heroine. Ishaan Khattar is a great performer. The pair of Ishaan and Jahnavi will prove to be an asset for Bollywood in the coming time, this is a plus point in this film. Among other artists, Kharaj Mukherjee, Aditya Kumar, Manish Verma and Gauri also influenced their acting.

Dhadk Movie Music
Since the music of Marathi film became so popular that the same background score has been kept in Hindi too. So in a way that seems like repeatation, because those songs have been heard throughout the country, only words have changed. Playing his creativity, Shashank Khaitan changed the climax of the film, which is not easily digested. Actually there was a message somewhere in the Climax that to free the breed from caste and honor killings.

Dhadk Movie Conclusion
In the beating, the director has changed Climax by showing his creativity, and no clue of this kind of social message is seen in the climax till the last screen roles are not seen and it can not be read. Overall, 'Dhadk' is a common Bollywood movie, which you can see if you want to watch!

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